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  • Consultation
  • Component Engineering
  • Designing
  • On site assembly and installation
  • Maintenance including Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Spare parts and Service

Aqua World Philosophy

  • Commitment to quality
  • Ethical conduct
  • Respect marine life and environment in general
  • Understand that well trained employees with integrity and strong work ethic are the backbone of our company and critical to our success
Team consist of
  • Management experts
  • Architects
  • Marine Biologists
  • Technicians

* Technicians with 12 to 15 years experience. Have more than 50 major installations, to their credit, all over India.

Can marine (Sea) water aquarium be installed at places located away from the sea?
Yes, it can be installed since we mix imported salt in normal water to get sea water.

Is maintenance of aquariums difficult ?
Not really. We use the most modern filteration systems due to which there is hardly any requirement of maintenance except 10 to 15 % water change once in three months.
What are the reasons for high mortality rate in certain tanks ?
No one can guarantee life. However, mortality rate can be reduced if following steps are ensured.

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